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Tapper wasn’t always soulless, but this story is about who he was after his operation. The man the doctors said had lost his soul.

He’s not bitter.

In fact, he’s loving life. It’s so simple with no moral values to weigh you down.

But he made one little mistake. The couple he killed wasn’t on his hit list. Now, his employer has decided Tapper should “retire”.

Offended by the boss’ human resources representative, and the attempt on his life, Tapper takes the advice of an associate; to use his employers money to fulfill his retirement dreams.

Those simple plans are made more difficult with the whole zombie apocalypse problem.

With a nagging rash on his hands, and the world quickly changing into a place where everyone you meet may be a flesh eating semi-dead, Tapper realizes it may well have all started with his little mistake.

More importantly, Tapper himself is changing, and he’s not a damn bit sure he likes that.

“If nobody will care in a thousand years, why should I care now?” – Tapper

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Producer / Performer

Paul Burt

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