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Our Creatives and their submitted works!
Gapoz proudly presents a list of our creators and their submitted works! If you would like to join our group of creators, authors, videographers, and musicians, the first step is becoming a member of


Gapoz Contributions...

  • Disincarnate – Spirit of the demon
    Fiction -- Action/Adventure, Drama, and Horror

  • Karen Buccace

    Karen Buccace Contributions...

    Little Red Riding Hood

    Little Red Riding Hood Contributions...

    Richard C. Crossley

    Richard C. Crossley Contributions...

  • Zombody to Love
    Fiction -- Horror, Romance, and Zombie/Apocalyptic
  • G O A D Christmas Preorder
    Fiction -- Biography, Drama, Horror, Mystery, and Thriller
  • Disincarnate – Spirit of the demon
    Fiction -- Action/Adventure, Drama, and Horror
  • Maniacal
    Fiction -- Adult, Crime, and Thriller
  • Nightmares
    Fiction -- Horror, Suspense, and Thriller
  • Shemnock Helms & Dentist Botsun in the Mysterious Case of the Odditot Family
    Fiction -- Childrens, Comedy, Crime, and Mystery
  • B U M S
    Fiction -- Comedy and Satire

  • Roland Pernicus Oznard

    Roland Pernicus Oznard Contributions...

  • Albert the Albatross’s Amazing Animal Alphabet Adventure
    Fiction -- Action/Adventure, Childrens, and Travel
  • Aveena
    Fiction --

  • Russell Merriweather

    Russell Merriweather Contributions...

    Sir Russell Shepard

    Sir Russell Shepard Contributions...

  • Asian Connection
    Fiction -- Action/Adventure, Crime, and Drama

  • Troy J. Crossley

    Troy J. Crossley Contributions...

  • Material & Workmanship
    Nonfiction -- Anthology, Biography, and Philosophy

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