Gapoz is Richard C. Crossley
aka Roland Pernicus Oznard. I'm old. I can't swear that's the reason that I'm crabby, but that's what I blame it on. I have this hope of establishing a small writer's community that reviews and critiques each others worlks. .
More about that
I like to write
and I like to read, though mostly I listen to books now. I have a few books on Amazon in various categories and you can find out a bit about them around this site.
is my primary current novel project and will hopefully be available around mid January 2021 for pre-sale orders on Amazon.
Joining the Community
is free and easy and won't clutter your mailbox with stuff. It is the newest portion of the site, being built in a FB manner to allow for friends, groups, your own posts and images. How much it grows will depend on folks like you.