Asian Connection is strong on action

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Asian Connection is strong on action

The author has a distinct voice that stays consistent throughout. This helps the pace considerably as the story moves unerringly forward. Tension consistently builds and releases just before the reader has a stroke! Then starts again. This is a winning piece of work.

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My Overall Rating is a 5/Excellent


Great action, strong character development, plenty of violence.

Premise Rank: 5/Excellent

A chinese syndicate moves to LA and troubles everyone.

Structure Rank: 3/Average

1,2,3. Like clockwork.

Character(s) Rank: 5/Excellent

All were properly defined.

Conflict Rank: 5/Excellent

Great sense of pacing.

Dialog Rank: 5/Excellent

totally real and believable.

Pacing Rank: 4/Good

Moved good.

Story Logic Rank: 4/Good

No major holes, though the whats it called is never identified.

Originality Rank: 3/Average

Not really a new premise, but adds effectively.

Writing Ability Rank: 5/Excellent

Writer is A list.

Story Logic Rank: 5/Excellent

Yes. all good.

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