Disincarnate – Spirit of the demon

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Disincarnate – Spirit of the demon

This is a bad movie. Really bad. So bad it’s not even good. But still, it was a blast making it and everyone learned a lot. For 5 bucks, throw it on to your next amazon order and have a few laughs.

Nick and Jen Sarbos, traveling cross country for inspiration, stop at a country barn sale ‘at the end’. They quickly discover they have stepped into a story as strange as any of the macabre novels Nick has written, and as time unites within the controlled reality of the strange barn, they discover others that have been there longer. Unable to leave, and unwilling to accept the demands of this new reality, Nick soon feels threatened not just by the ‘ruint’ creatures that pursue them, or even the proprietor that insists he needs something from Nick, but by those in his party, whose survival may depend on his actions.

Based on an original script, DISINCARNATE was filmed in Lucketts Virginia. It tells the story of a primal evil, longing for corporeal life in our world since the beginning of time. His cruel experiments over the ages have given him a shadow form, and taught him many tricks, but with the help of Nick Sarbos he believes he can finally pass through the veil. Using the failed experiments of his long past (ruints), and others unwittingly caught in his snare, he exerts mounting pressure on Mr. Sarbos to participate in his final liberation.

This was a no budget film that attempted to focus on dialogue and story rather than effects. The cast was also the crew and together we learned just how difficult it can be to make a movie… and how much fun.

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Title: Disincarnate – Spirit of the demon
Class: Fiction
Type: Film
Media Video
Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Drama, and Horror
Author: Richard C. Crossley
Publisher: CustomFlix
Published Date: 07/13/2006

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