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A young boy has trouble sleeping after watching a scary movie. Finally he decides to sleep elsewhere. After considering his parents room, he decides to bunk down on the floor in his brothers room.

Nightmares was shot in a few hours and draws heavily on outtakes from Disincarnate to provide the dream sequences used. Indeed, it was in fact those outtakes, and the desire to use them, that sparked the idea for this ad-hoc shoot. It was a lot of fun for father and sons alike.

Stars Dillon Crossley
With Troy Crossley
Written & Directed by Richard Crossley. 3:32 length.

Nightmares Short HD
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Title: Nightmares
Class: Fiction
Type: Film
Media Video
Genre(s): Horror, Suspense, and Thriller
Author: Richard C. Crossley
Publisher: Gapoz Films - Horror
Published Date:

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  • Member 533 -- Gave me bad dreams

    A most excellent adventure..

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  • 2 thoughts on “Nightmares”

    1. The kid is so cute. I loved the ending.

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