A young mother panics when her husband and son disappear on a weekend bonding trip to an isolated cabin. Police report her husband was found dead, his car mangled at the bottom of a ravine, but there is no sign of her son. Her desperate search for answers leads her ever closer to confronting a secret past she hoped would stay buried.

This was my first screenplay. Wait… That’s not really true. Disincarnate was the first and was actually filmed. But Maniacal was the first serious attempt I had made at writing a screenplay that I didn’t intend to go film out in the barn.Oh how good I thought it was too!

I was a long time member on a site called TriggerStreet, where short videos and scripts were peer reviewed, and I anxiously uploaded. I had experienced good feedback on my short vids and expected to be welcomed into the script writing side of the operation with a loving embrace. I was mercilessly beaten down. “Show, don’t tell”, “Too wordy”, ‘You can’t do that”.

I dove in with all my energy and learned, practiced, re-wrote. Finally my script was up for screenplay of the month and won a professional review from Scriptshark.

Crossley Endeavors photo

Work Title: Maniacal

Tags: adventure, adult, sex, terror, drama, and crime

Publisher: Crossley Endeavors

Media Script

Publishing Date:

Author/Creator/Owner: Richard C. Crossley


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