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Four Generations

Despite getting started early, I thought I would never make it! I mean, I always figured I would eventually be a great grandfather, but I didn't know if I'd make it long enough to see a great grandchild born in my time. But I have! A handsome young son born to my granddaughter Naomi and... Read more


The terrible urges that repulse your very soul… are not always your own.

Zombody gets a facelift and review

"Zombody to Love is a new idea with its own lore on zombie “life” and reason. Well worth your time." Kurt Marquart - HorrorGeeklifecom Finally, an actual published review. It's a hard thing, writing a book and putting it out there for the masses to poke at. A humbling experience. Lest you think Kurt's summary... Read more

Lonely Temptations

There's a lonelypast the wishing, that someone else was near..It feels a lot like emptiness, a bitter taste like fear..A place so dark that stars are lost, so deep the heart is crushed.. A cold and rough remembrance, that you can never trust.You wonder how you got here, what lies you so believed, that you... Read more

The Horseman

The noose doth tighten, and in the distant darkness the smile of death rests upon the icy cold shoulders of a black steed.. He waiteth, not impatiently, but with cruel and uncaring malice, for the final stitch; the last and ending gasp that signals the great challenge of being is over, the test of mortality... Read more

Blinking means pause…

We had the great pleasure of our son Troy's visit during Christmas. He spent 8 hours driving up to see us, arriving late Christmas eve, and of course had to start home before dinner on Christmas day. I'm fairly certain he had to spend more time driving than visiting, especially considering we had to let... Read more

~The Wonderful City Of Asheville~

via ~The Wonderful City Of Asheville~ | Guide to North Carolina Blog This is a great article from our friends at A Guide to North Carolina about things to do in Asheville. In as much as we have a special interest in Asheville, a link to the article finds a home here.

Morning mail surprise

Like most people, I have a morning routine. It varies somewhat dependent on if I am going to work of course. A non work day might find me in pajamas at 2 in the afternoon when visitors show up. Not the point. This morning as I fired up the monitor and first clicked to check... Read more

Site Building- A journey to insanity. Day 1

So, I've decided to chronicle my progress in building this site. Yes, it is a site, rather than just a blog, though the blog will be center stage since I like talking to myself. I, as those that know me know, have been into computers for many years, and have had a number of sites,... Read more