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Strawbs Guestbook
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Use the "Leave reply" option at the bottom of this post to drop your comments on the Rotten Strawbs. They would be glad to know you came by, and interested in what you have to say, especially if it's encouraging!

Cruising the Internuts
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I was not one of those that grew up on the internet. Indeed, the internet grew up on me. I was something of a geek back then, though a cool one I'm sure. My very first job as a contractor working with the government was an assignment down at the Washington Navy Yard reviewing ARPANET... Read more

Did she win a rotten strawb wine?
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The Rotten Strawbs performed yesterday afternoon into the evening at Creek's Edge winery in Purcellville, Virginia. After the long and energetic first set the winner of the 'caption contest' was announced. Congratulations to Claudia! "Mikey, finish your beer and go find us a gig." The winner, pictured above, most likely was not allowed to leave... Read more

Strawberry Needed!
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Another contest in the making here. The Rotten Strawbs are in need of an icon, an emblem, a symbol, a picture, whatever. We don't care what you call it. We want to associate ourselves with a graphic that when seen, makes people immediately think of us. We don't want the reaction to be "oooh, rotten... Read more