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Cruising the Internuts

Unlike the Fathers of the internet, many others, and of course Al Gore*, my part was very small indeed. The number of people involved in bringing to fruition what was essentially the “Galactic Network” as described by J.C.R. Licklider in 1962 is not countable. I was in the legions who contributed in smaller ways. Don’t even ask me how many hours I spent in trying to get Doom to work right in coop player mode over a modem. There was a cottage industry of volunteers that helped move things forward. But all of that matters to no one, some of it matters to everyone and none of it matters to someone. Here’s the thing that matter… 

Now days, ‘you can find anything you want on the internet’ isn’t really a joke. You really can find anything. The problem is, you really can find anything. 

If you are looking for concrete objective facts about something, that’s great. How many feet in a hectare for example (107639.104 square feet). Not really much controversy about that. Even if you pose the question with doubt,”are there really 107639.104 square feet in a hectare?”, you will find reassurance. But look for anything subjective and your results will vary dependent on you, and what you really want to find.

“everyones got an opinion, and you can find it on the internet, dressed as a fact.” Richard Crossley

Speaking of Rotten Strawbs...

I started this post a couple weeks ago, and when I got back to it, I had forgotten the original idea. Such does age rob you ever more gleefully once significant years have been accomplished. But, speaking of the internet, I did a search for ‘rotten strawbs’ and found our duo occupying 5 of the 10 results on page 1. Woot. It is worth noting that they have a couple new venues coming up and I’m anxious to check them out.

Did she win a rotten strawb wine?

The Rotten Strawbs performed yesterday afternoon into the evening at Creek’s Edge winery in Purcellville, Virginia.

After the long and energetic first set the winner of the ‘caption contest’ was announced.

Congratulations to Claudia!

“Mikey, finish your beer and go find us a gig.”

The winner, pictured above, most likely was not allowed to leave with her prize bottle of wine, being part of a thirsty and robust group.

Strawberry Needed!

Another contest in the making here. The Rotten Strawbs are in need of an icon, an emblem, a symbol, a picture, whatever. We don’t care what you call it.

We want to associate ourselves with a graphic that when seen, makes people immediately think of us.

We don’t want the reaction to be “oooh, rotten strawberries”, we want it to be “Yeah! The Strawbs!”.

We don’t know yet what exactly the prize will be, but trust us, you’ll be so happy if you win.

See the cool strawberry to my right? Well you can’t use that. I don’t know where its been or who it belongs to. It’s just there to give an idea. Touch it.

Now that strawberry on the back side was made by me, right here on site, using our Dooodl creator. I know it sux. That’s not the point!

The point is that you too can use it to create your entry, or entries. The top 3 contestants will be invited to submit actual graphic designs that meet the specifications required to be applied to our forthcoming shirts, tees, and popups!

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