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G O A D – Audio preview
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Presenting Chapter 1 of the soon to be released G O A D. A troubled young doctor with a dark past is sought by a mental facility in the rural hills to care for an old man everyone seems to fear. This first chapter is my own recording. I am considering doing the recording of... Read more

Goad… A preview
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Tucker slows the old mustang as the massive ornate gate looms larger. He rolls to a stop, the engine rumbling down to the familiar throaty idle the brand has made famous. He stares at the bronze plate on the gatepost. It reads simply; "Shepard Institution" He can imagine the old sign. It likely said lunatic... Read more

Binary Games
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Binary Games Written by Richard Crossley, originally as a screenplay for inclusion in a short collection of stories back in the Triggerstreet days. May or may not be published elsewhere, but all rights to all versions is retained by Richard Crossley. Jason glances repeatedly back and forth between the road ahead and the rear view... Read more