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Crossley Endeavors offers much for public consumption, but there is so much more to see and do! Members have access to 'The Street', a community of creatives and appreciators that share a love for writing, music, and other creative endeavors. Our intention is to keep reasonable control over the SIZE of our communities, rather than... Read more

G O A D – Audio preview

Presenting Chapter 1 of the soon to be released G O A D. A troubled young doctor with a dark past is sought by a mental facility in the rural hills to care for an old man everyone seems to fear. This first chapter is my own recording. I am considering doing the recording of... Read more

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Writers write, right? We're all about helping you do it better. FREE. PEER REVIEWHonest and Objective feedback on your writing from your peers. Articles & DiscussionsResearch links ForumsQuestions, answers, and guidance. ResourcesLinks to all good people, places, and things. ExposureAuthor and Book pages - FREE RecognitionCompetitions, Awards and Rewards Many thanks to Gapoz for providing... Read more


The terrible urges that repulse your very soul… are not always your own.

Zombody gets a facelift and review

"Zombody to Love is a new idea with its own lore on zombie “life” and reason. Well worth your time." Kurt Marquart - HorrorGeeklifecom Finally, an actual published review. It's a hard thing, writing a book and putting it out there for the masses to poke at. A humbling experience. Lest you think Kurt's summary... Read more

Tapper has arrived on!

Some of you may know I wrote a screenplay called "Zombody to Love" some years ago. It was experimental. I wanted to create a character that totally sucked and nobody could root for, and then see if I could make people root for him. It really was an exercise kind of project, but boy did... Read more