Mary did you know

Another Christmas song I was glad to get a chance to do. Believe it or not, I had really never heard this song before coming across it on Smule. I think it's an awesome song, and while Baby it's cold outside is 'cute', this one is really what Christmas is all about. [audio mp3=""][/audio] Mary,... Read more

Baby it’s Cold Outside!

First off, yes, I know this song is the target of political activist anxious to make everything in the past an indictment against something. I don't care. I partnered often on Smule to sing with this amazing woman and when she asked me to join her on this song, I jumped at the chance. Here's... Read more

Thanksgiving Reflections 2020

It's going to be a very peculiar Thanksgiving this year;in many respects just another day hanging around the house. Our son Nicholas will make it for dinner hopefully, but that's the only family we'll have the chance to actually be with. Our hearts and thoughts will certainly include all our family, and many others as... Read more

The Bake before Christmas

Twas a week (more or less) before Christmas and panic set in Momma knew that the baking prep had to begin There was butter to buy, nuts and chocolate in bulk and to bring it inside she would need that great hulk So Pops would play chauffeur, cart pusher and bank and Momma would lead... Read more

Of Christmas & Trees

I LOVE this time of the year. Starting with Halloween I begin to experience the sense of celebration. Yeah, it starts with candy and little kids dressed up to the bounds of their imaginations, or their parents purse, and actually going out in the world, knocking on doors, and meeting, however briefly, other real life... Read more