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The Writer’s Wrench

Writers write, right? We're all about helping you do it better. FREE.

Many thanks to Gapoz for providing us a platform. Now we need people willing to help us make it all work.

How can we help each other as writers and authors?

With a system that works like this.


  • Request works within their desired genre(s) and type(s).
  • Read the work within a prescribed time frame.
  • Review the work by rating a number of specific categories with the guidance of a rubric to help be as objective and thorough as possible.

For the Writer

  • Valuable insight
  • Objective analysis
  • Nutshell review
  • Chance to win award!

For the Reviewer

  • You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn from reading others.
  • POINTS that can be used to get their own work assigned for review.

Step 1: Register!

Joining Gapoz is ALWAYS FREE and Easy. Your data is NEVER shared without your request.

Step 2: Join Writers Wrench Group

The Writer's Wrench group will always stay small enough to actually get to know each other. From within this group we will build our community.

A special request for those interested in helping to  build, implement, and manage this system, even if only as a foundational test member. There’s no experience or skill set required to help. If you are a writer, or want to be, then you know what desire is. That’s all we need.  If that’s you, then let’s get started. It’s all free, except for your effort! If you would like to be one of the few, the crazy, the founding writers… then fill out the form below.

Writer's Block Membership

Nothing to say…

You would maybe suppose after this amount of time I would have something to say right? Well I don’t. In fact, I’m only writing this to test and see if Polly will properly prepare and save it on my site. You see, with the fancy new stuff on the AWS plugin (formerly Polly), I have been using a bucket to hold things. Turns out that makes my head hurt for some few reasons and so I have changed it back to local storage until such time as I complete my site redesign.
I had been having some issues since redeployment. Some audio files worked and some didn’t. As it turns out, some of those issues were caused because of the instability of my security certificates. That’s solved now, at least for the interim. My really big problem was because my version of pHp was old as hell. Running on an amazon lightsail instance is super sweet in many ways, but not when you need to update something like pHp. It’s all part of a bitnami package. I’m not going to bore you with it. So, you’re welcome.

Great news for fatties like me

My vision. A site with six primary functions.

You have to eat, and in our kitchen you'll find everything you need to get and stay healthy, from the best ingredients to the most amazing recipes.
Articles past and present for those that want to research. Food, health, diet and nutritional resources.
The freshest news and views by selected contributors, all with a sense of humor and purpose.
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Q&A Forums
To share your stories, encourage and inform others on our path, and get real answers from real people.
Exercise Room
Yeah, nobody's going in here, but if you do you'll find it a handy source of tips and exercise information; as well as recommended apps to help!
Tool Shed
Just like the one at home, where you'll find all the cool stuff you can't part with, but have no other place to keep.
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It will of course take a while to get up and running, but I have the development site and work has begun on design and selection of tools.

This morning brought great news!

A long time friend of mine with more than 20 years of clinical experience with keto (when few knew anything about it) has very graciously agreed to come on board! She has personally helped me lose over 70 pounds in the last year and a half with her knowledge, counsel and encouragement and I am thrilled she has agreed to take time from her busy schedule to help design and operate this site!

I’ll keep my mouth shut for now (not a diet joke) and let her introduce herself in the near future.

I’m excited, and I hope those who want to lose weight, or just learn more about keto and a healthy lifestyle, will join us. One thing you’ll discover is there is plenty of good food to eat! I’ll leave you with a quote from the draft welcome page for our new endeavor:

It’s for those who won’t accept they have to be fatter than they want to be, and refuse to give up when it comes to changing that.

Swabbin the decks already…

Today is clean up day here. LOL. I know how odd that is for such a lazy site with virtually no visitors as yet. I mean the place hasn’t even been optimized or had any SEO work yet. But in the process of my play and discovery I add a lot of… dust, shall we call it, to the site. Especially plugins. Holy crap are there a lot of plugins for WordPress. I like to try them out, and so I end up with kadoodles of them, and then I can’t remember which are being used and for what. So I think it’s time to learn how to clean. To start, I of course will seek out plugins to help! Anyway, ifI break things I’ll be the only one that notices. 


I’ll come back and update this post after I learn something about cleaning.. In the meantime, I will include the page destroyer invaders widget to give you something to do here.