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Thanksgiving Reflections 2020
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It's going to be a very peculiar Thanksgiving this year;in many respects just another day hanging around the house. Our son Nicholas will make it for dinner hopefully, but that's the only family we'll have the chance to actually be with. Our hearts and thoughts will certainly include all our family, and many others as... Read more

Posting YouTube Videos
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First thing I am going to do is "Upload an Image" using the "Browse" button below the post box. It should become the Featured Image. Okay, did that. Now, I am going to post a YouTube Video after this sentence and then describe exactly how I did it. How it got there. 1: Open another... Read more

Featured Image & Youtube video in post.
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First of all, the "Add Media" button above seems to be somewhat role dependent. The picture above, I got from using the top "Add Media" button and then selecting the picture from the media library on this site. I was surprised it allowed me to insert it, but it did. There have been times when... Read more

MeWe and you
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If you watched the Fear Facebook video in the left sidebar and got freaking chills, you might just want to check out for a replacement that doesn't run ads, doesn't pressure you into their ideas through censorship and other psych tricks. and doesn't sell your data and/or manipulate every freaking word you type to... Read more

I always wanted…
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Since I was a little girl I have wanted to travel the world, but it seems less and less likely that will ever happen. There are a many reasons for that but I won't get into them. I have had to accept that my travels will be limited, at least until my father passes on.... Read more

adult happy sportsman hitting ball with head

I’m liking this app
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I think this whole peepso app suite is pretty strong. It's very easy to set up on one hand, though there are still a lot of technical pieces and outside pieces that take some work.

Test User submitted Post
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As a user, trying to submit a post. First, an image selected from Add Media [caption id="attachment_12472" align="alignnone" width="300"] FB Timeline[/caption] [audio mp3=""][/audio] Next, an audio file. And as a final test, a video. [video width="320" height="180" mp4=""][/video]