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Testing for members.. Featured image. Now adding to post.   Did the upload and then said not allowed to attach, then selected one from library..

All the quests I’ve done

I am now a member. I don't have any edit icon on other peoples stuff... So it said I couldnt attach an image, but I picked this one..

Born Stupid… but wrote a book!

  It was never the intention of Darius Arbunkle to become a fisherman. He hated fish. They stank, and it was smell he could never seem to get off his skin. But a fisherman is what he became anyway... Because, he was Born Stupid.   Coming to Amazon soon. Okay, that part was just to... Read more

G O A D – Audio preview

Presenting Chapter 1 of the soon to be released G O A D. A troubled young doctor with a dark past is sought by a mental facility in the rural hills to care for an old man everyone seems to fear. This first chapter is my own recording. I am considering doing the recording of... Read more

Mary did you know

Another Christmas song I was glad to get a chance to do. Believe it or not, I had really never heard this song before coming across it on Smule. I think it's an awesome song, and while Baby it's cold outside is 'cute', this one is really what Christmas is all about. [audio mp3=""][/audio] Mary,... Read more

Baby it’s Cold Outside!

First off, yes, I know this song is the target of political activist anxious to make everything in the past an indictment against something. I don't care. I partnered often on Smule to sing with this amazing woman and when she asked me to join her on this song, I jumped at the chance. Here's... Read more